Peoplesoft Hrms Functional

Peoplesoft Hrms Functional


 Understanding HCM

  1. Table system setup in HRMS
  2. Business unit and SETID concept
  3. EFFDT usage in PeopleSoft
  4. Person and Position Structure

Setup HRMS

  1. Discussion on Installation table setup
  2. Working with Business units and Table sets
  3. Setup Organization foundation tables
  4. Setup Personal information Foundation tables
  5. Discussion about Basic security setup in PeopleSoft

Core HR

  1. HR Workforce administration overview
  2. Setup review for Administer workforce in Setup HRMS
  3. Setup Country specific tables
  4. Understanding Organizational Relationships
  5. Adding a person into HRMS System
  6. Understanding of Personal and JOB data
  7. Managing Country specific workforce data
  8. Self-service components discussion
  9. Manager Self-service components discussion
  10. Core tables chart preparation used in Core HR

Base Benefits and Benefit Administration

  1. PeopleSoft Base Benefits overview
  2. Setup : Benefits Core tables
  3. Benefit plan creation and discussion of diff benefit plans
  4. Building Benefit programs
  5. Dependent and Beneficiary information
  6. Enrolling participants into Benefits
  7. Eligibility Review
  8. Reviewing Benefit enrollments and calculations
  9. Understanding Transactional plan data in Base benefits navigation
  10. Core tables chart preparation used in Benefits

     Time and Labor

  1. Time and Labor Overview
  2. Understanding Time and Labor
  3. Time Reporting Methods
  4. Time Administration
  5. Setup: Basic T&L Tables
  6. Setup system defaults and loading dates
  7. Establishing workgroups
  8. Establish time reporting codes
  9. Define work schedules
  10. Create rules in Time administration
  11. Understanding payable time
  12. Managing time
  13. Integrating with payroll applications

   North American Payroll

  1. NA Payroll overview
  2. Business process
  3. Setup Payroll tax tables
  4. Setup paygroups
  5. Understanding Paygroups
  6. Define earning codes and Earning programs
  7. Understanding deductions
  8. Setup deductions
  9. Setup Payroll process
  10. Understanding Pay calendar
  11. Setting up Garnishments
  12. Understanding and maintain payroll data
  13. Setting up Employee General deductions
  14. Setting up direct deposits
  15. Understanding pay sheets and Pay calculation
  16. Pay confirmation
  17. Reporting payroll and processing retro pay