Chapter 1: Introduction to ITIL

Topics: Introduction to ITSM, Incident Management , Problem Management,change management, Service Request Management and Configuration Management Database

Chapter 2 : Introduction to Service Now

Topics : Tool Introduction,Current Competitors,Releases,UI details, Basic Navigation and Using Wiki and Community

Chapter 3:Basic Administration

Topics: User administration,Introducing Applications and Modules and Creation of tables and fields.

Chapter 4:Scripting

Topics:Client side scripting(client scripts,ui polices..etc) and Server side scripting(Business rules,Script includes..etc).

Chapter 5:Service Catalog

Creating Catalog Items using Variables and Variable sets,Creating Record Producers,Creating Execution Plans and Writing Catalog Client Scripts and Catalog UI Policies

Chapter 6:Reporting and Homepage Administration

Topics:Generating different types of reports,Scheduling Reports,Creating homepages and adding reports to homepages.

Chapter 7:Email Notifications

Topics:Events creation,Email Templates  and Triggering mails.

 Chapter 8:Import sets

Topics: Loading Data of different Formats Using Data Sources and Using Transform Maps and Transform scripts.

Chapter 9:Web Services

Topics: Direct Web Services, Transform Map Web Services and Scripted Web Services

Chapter 10: knowledge on different Applications

Topics:Content management,Configuration management,LDAP Integration,SLA’s and Metrics.