​​AEM Online Training

​​AEM Online Training


IBM IT Solutions offers best Adobe Experience Manager Training with most experienced professionals as trainers. Our trainers are working in Adobe related technologies for more than years. Our AEM Course is suitable for both beginner to advanced level. Our training sessions will be handled in either weekday or weekend program depends on learner requirement.Learner should have knowledge and experience with java script or client side environment. The goal of this course is enable developers to create and understand basic CQ development practices and prepare themselves for project work under lead of web developer.

Course Content

AEM : Course Content

Course Content - AEM 6.4

Basic: (15 Hours)
Lab 1:
  • Overview of AEM.
  • Installation of Author and Publish Instances.
  • Technology Stack of AEM – Overview.
  • AEM Consoles Walkthrough – DAM/CRXDE/TOOLS etc.
Lab 2:
  • Modes of AEM - Classic UI vs Touch UI.
  • AEM Basic Component development through CRX/DE – Classic UI.
  • Authoring Basics – WCM Modes.
  • Dialog Creation – Side Kick Overview, Parsys.
  • Creation and properties definition.
  • Sample Page creation in Classic UI.
Lab 3:
  • Sling Framework in depth.
  • Resource Resolution via different files. (Selector, extension etc.)
  • Working demo on Sling Resource Resolution.
Lab 4:
  • Continue Lab 2 for Classic UI:
  • Enhance component with editConfig.
  • I-parsys.
  • Design dialog.
  • Listeners in dialog.
  • X-Type –Multifield, Checkbox, Radio Button in dialog.
Lab 5:
  • Integrating client library to AEM Components.
  • Handshaking between AEM + FED (Front End dev)
  • Client Library minification.
  • Different Layouts in AEM – Demo.
  • Sample Banner Component with Text and Image.
Lab 6:
  • Packaging content – Package Manager
  • Activation – Page, Code and Activate Tree.
  • Replication Agents configuration.
  • Publish Instance Setup.
Lab 7:
  • Client library options: Embed, dependencies with demo.
  • Create a component – Accordion using multifield.
  • jQuery integration in AEM – Different Ways.
Lab 8:
  • Touch UI – Consoles Demo.
  • Migration of Lab-4, Component into Touch UI.
  • Different type of resource Type in Touch UI dialog.
  • Multifield Dialog creation in Touch UI.
Lab 9:
  • Project creation using eclipse plugin.
  • Project creation using maven – archetype.
  • Deployment in AEM instance.
  • OSGI Bundle Life Cycle.
  • Practical: Demo on various states of Bundle in OSGI Container.
Lab 10:
  • Server Setup in eclipse for Synching.
  • Vault Plugin Setup in eclipse.
  • Demo: Packaging vs Sync.
Lab 11:
  • Introduction to Sightly.
  • Various data elements.
  • Practical: Sample Component Creation –> Touch UI + Sightly File.
Lab 12:
  • WCM Use API in Sightly.
  • WCMUsePojo Class – Features and available methods
  • Practical:
  • Get the dialog Values in POJO class and return to Sightly.
  • Get the properties of other Nodes.
Lab 13:
  • WCM Use JS (Server-side JavaScript) - Concept and writing code of POJO in JS file.
  • JCR API vs Sling API
  • adapt to () demo.
  • Resource Resolver – Concept and demo.
Lab 14:
  • Creation of Services in AEM 6.4.
  • Configurations, deployment, Reusability – OSGI console
  • Integrating Services in Sightly.
Lab 15:
  • Creation of Servlets in AEM 6.4.
  • Configurations, deployment, Reusability – OSGI console
Advanced: (15 Hours)
Lab 1:
  • Sling Models in AEM.
  • Various Injectors (1).
  • Demo – Sample component creation, pom.xml, replacement of WCMUsePojo with Sling Models.
Lab 2:
  • Sling Models in AEM.
  • Various Injectors (2).
  • Demo – Sample component creation, pom.xml, replacement of WCMUsePojo with Sling Models.
Lab 3:
  • Overview Sling Model Exporter (Jackson)
  • Different configuration for sling model exporter
  • Practical – Sling Model Exporter.
Lab 4:
  • Schedulers in AEM.
  • Overview and configuration of schedulers in AEM.
  • Practical – Sample Scheduler creation.
Lab 5:
  • AJAX Implementation.
  • Sample AEM servlet using AJAX implementation.
Lab 6:
  • Workflow overview with OOTB.
  • Creation of sample workflow.
  • Asset workflow walkthrough.
Lab 7:
  • Creation of Custom workflow
  • Custom Process Step and Dynamic Participant step creation.
  • Practical on Custom Workflow.
Lab 8:
  • Editable Templates in AEM.
  • Structure vs Initial
  • Demo of creating Editable template.
  • Template Type creation.
Lab 9:
  • Continue Editable Template….
  • Properties, Policies etc.
  • Demo of creating Editable template.
  • Template Type creation.
Lab 10:
  • Experience Fragment in AEM.
  • Creation and configuration of Experience fragments.
  • Practical.
Lab 11:
  • Content Fragment in AEM.
  • Creation and configuration of Experience fragments.
  • Practical.
Lab 12:
  • Assets Integration in AEM. (DAM)
  • Organizing assets in folder
  • Managing renditions, versions, references.
  • Editing an existing metadata.
Lab 13:
  • Core Components in AEM.
  • Walkthrough Navigation, Breadcrumb.
  • Sample page creation using core components.
Lab 14:
  • Query Builder in AEM.
  • Practical – Develop a component having search functionality utilizing the query builder techniques.
Lab 15:
  • Dispatcher Setup in local instance.
  • Usage and configuration.
  • Practical – Caching.
Why ​​AEM

Here are the AEM Course Objectives:

Why Adobe Experience Manager?

  • Modes of AEM
  • Sample page creation in Classic UI
  • Understand fundamentals of AEM
  • Understand and utilize work flows

Java developers, IT managers, administrators, developers, architects, business analysts, workflow specialists, application development specialists can join this AEM Online Course.

Classes are delivered by certified AEM working professional with 100% quality assurance. Our AEM Training will make you more productive with our online training. Our training approach is entirely hands on. An in-depth knowledge on AEM project which focuses on all AEM Concepts will be provided by expert. Once you enrol for course you will get access to AEM training videos, aem tutorial, AEM course material etc. Learner can join this AEM Online Classeswhere they are and any device. If you are looking to learn AEM training, we are one stop solution for all your training needs.

  • 25 to 30 Hours Online Live classes
  • Real Time Case Studies
  • Every Class will be Followed by Practical Assignments
  • Lifetime Access to Class Presentations, Class Recordings & Installation Guides
  • 24x7 Online Support for Your Queries
Pre-Requisites to Learn Adobe Experience Manager (AEM 6.5) course
  • HTML basics
  • CSS basics
  • Javascript basics

Live Online Training

  • Live Functional and practical real-time demos
  • Schedule your sessions at your prefered timings
  • Instructor led training with practical lab sessions
  • Real time projects and certification guidance
  • 24x7 Online Support for Your Queries

Corporate Training

  • Choose the best mode of training that suits your convenience, time, and budget from Self-Paced, Live Instructor-led Online, or Classroom modes
  • Engage in complete practical demonstration, discussions,and exercises based on real time use cases
  • Make a schedule that is convenient as per your work schedule and time zone
  • Gain industry insights during the training delivered by industry experts
  • Customize the course scope as per your project requirements

Job Support

    Our IT Job Support task is to improve the skills of IT beginners and meet complex real-time project requirements. IBM IT Solutions supports and offers job support services in over 450 IT courses. If one of them is difficult to survive due to lack of technical possibilities, or have a new project for them, highlight the assigned work and write to us. We present our most skilled IT consultants to guide you through the best results in your work and deliver your deliverables.

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