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Dot Net Online Training


Dot Net is a web application platform, that gives an extensive programming framework to develop powerful applications for PC and mobile phones. .Net is a Microsoft software framework which runs on Windows. This technology is used by developers to developers to develop new applications for Windows platform. With ASP .NET developer can develop dynamic applications and dynamic web pages.

ASP Dot Net Course can be taken by any individual who want to start their career as ASP .NET developer. IT experts or engineering graduates or freshers can learn this course. Basic knowledge of any programming language like C, C++, Java, HTML, javascript will be benefited.

Become an MS Dot Net expert. This Microsoft ASP Dot Net Course is developed to make you an expert in using MS Dot Net framework and learn all which is required to create real world applications.

Microsoft Dot Net Course learner will understand .Net Architecture, programming using c# .Net, oops using c#, SQL server concepts, web application development using client side technologies … etc. IBM IT Solutions Microsoft .NET Course is 40 hours course, which covers all concepts that made .NET probably most popular framework.

Course Content

Course Length: 30 Hours
    .NET Introduction & Architecture
    Introduction to .NET, Architecture, Framework
    .NET File execution, CLR with their components.
    Visual studio versions, framework versions.
    Understand Project and solutions
    Different versions of .NET Framework

    Programming using C#.NET
    Introduction to C#.NET
    Built in Class libraries, Writing C#.NET program
    Working with Console class, String class, Covert class, DateTime, Math, StringBuilder classes etc.,
    CTS (Common Type system)
    Working with value types like int, char, double, bool, etc.,
    Reference types like object, delegate, pointer, etc.,
    Type conversions, ASCII
    Working with Placeholders, read different types of data
    Control structures if, switch,
    Different operators like mathematical, relational, logical, increment and decrement, ternary operator, etc.,
    Loops ( while loop, for loop, do..while, foreach loop )
    Keywords: break, continue, etc.,

    OOPs using C#
    Oops concepts ( Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism)
    OOPS using C#.NET (Abstract classes, Interfaces, POCO Classes)
    Parameterized methods ( ref, out, params)
    Abstract class, interface, Static class, partial class, sealed class
    Exception Handling
    Collections & Generics
    Assemblies & Class libraries

    SQL Server Concepts
    Introduction to RDBMS
    Working with DDL, DML commands
    Crud operations using Queries
    Crud operations using Stored Procedures
    Examples to perform CRUD operations

    Web Application Development using Client side technologies
    Overview of HTML Concepts
    Overview of CSS Concepts
    AJAX Concepts
    Standard Data formats: XML and Json, csv format

    ASP.NET WebForms Contents

    Introduction to Web Application, WebSite, Web Server, Web Browsers, Web Page, WebForm. Different between Client side and Server side scripting.
    GET and POST methods
    HttpRequest and HttpResponse objects
    HTTP protocol, URL, response object, request object.
    Asp.net Page Submission process, ASP.NET page level events.

    Web Server Controls
    Creating Web application, Using Server Side Tools, Sample programs using controls like (Textbox, Label, Literal, Calender, Checkbox, RadioButton, etc.,)

    LIST Controls
    Dynamic Polymorphism, Real-time examples using List Controls(CheckboxList, RadioButtonList, BulletedList, DropDownList, ListBox).

    Working with Postback,
    IsPostBack, AutopostBack, CrossPagePostback.

    Validation Controls
    RequiredFieldValidator, RangeValidator, RegularExpressionValidator, CompareValidator, CustomValidator, ValidationSummary

    Page Redirection
    LinkButton, HyperLink, PostBackURL property

    Master Pages
    Sample Example

    Connection and Disconnection Oriented Model differences
    Classes used in SQL Server (System.Data.SqlClient)
    ConnectionString, Establishing DB Connection
    CRUD Operations using SqlCommand class methods
    ExecuteReader(),ExecuteScalar(), ExecuteNonQuery

    DataBound Controls
    DataBoundControls (GridView, FormView, DetailsView)
    DataSource Controls (SqlDataSource, XMLDataSource, ObjectDataSource, etc.,)

    Working with POCO classes
    Handling objects/entities using Linq
    Linq To SQL

    Business Object
    Create POCO Class
    Implement DB operations of particular table in database

    Linq Architecture
    Linq type query
    Sql Like Queries

    ORM using LinqToSql (DLinq)
    To interact with Sql Server database
    Simplify database interaction.

    State Management Techniques
    Introduction, Default HTTP State, Introduction, Default HTTP State,
    Working with viewstate, Querystring,
    session, cookies, Cache, Application
    Working with web.config file

    Web Services
    SOA Introduction,
    Advantages, SOAP,
    Creating a Web Service, Consuming Web Service.

    MVC.NET introduction
    Introduction and architecture of MVC
    Sample Application using EFW

    Real Time Project Development Concepts

    Introduction (Banking Application)
    Understand agile methodology
    Essential concepts
    Coding standards
    Web site development cycle

    N Tier Architecture
    Introduction with real time example
    Sample Application with CRUD Operations

    Web Server IIS
    Working with IIS, Installation of IIS,
    Hosting application in IIS
    Difference between IIS and IISExpress
    App Pool, App Domain

    ASP.NET Security
    Authentication and Authorization
    Examples on Anonymous Authentication,
    Windows Authentication,
    Forms(Web) Authentication and authorization
Why Dot Net

What You Will Learn in ASP DOT NET Course?

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  • .NET introduction & architecture
  • Programming using C# .NET
  • OOPS using C#
  • SQL Server Concepts
  • Web Application Development using client side technologies
  • Understand web server controls, list controls, validation controls
  • Working with POCO classes
  • Real time project development concepts
  • 25 Hours Online Live classes
  • Real Time Case Studies
  • Every Class will be Followed by Practical Assignments
  • Lifetime Access to Class Presentations, Class Recordings & Installation Guides
  • 24x7 Online Support for Your Queries


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If anyone wants to start a career in .Net, IBM IT Solutions is the institute, experienced trainer and good learning atmosphere to boost learning capacity.

Priyanka Singh

One of the best institute to learn .Net from basic to advanced. Highly efficient trainers as faculty. Wish to learn more courses from this institute.

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