HL7 Online Training

HL7 Online Training


Health Level 7 (HL7) is an organization developing standards to exchange electronic health information. The goal of this organization is to increase the usage of this software in health care industry. The Health Level 7 Online Training will be provided by real time expert trainer online. In addition we will also provide you free study material. We have regular batches and week end batches. Anyone can lean this Health Level 7 Certification Course. Our training will be delivered 40% theory and 60% hands on.

Course Content

Course Aims

This course is for HL7 programmers, interface developers and dedicated Implementers and is designed to provide the skills for the analysis testing, problem tracking and activation of phases of an HL7 project. Attendees will learn HL7 design, trigger concepts, message formatting rules, data types, enhanced acknowledgement rules, identifiers, and table translation issues. Course work includes hands on exercises.

On completion of this course, attendees will have gained a deep understanding of HL7 messaging processes and practices, with the ability to effectively read, understand, analyse, design, develop, market and test HL7 messages.

Course Structure

  • Introduction to Course
  • Session 1-Healthcare Messaging Standards
  • Session 2 -Concepts & Principles
  • Session 3 -Concepts & Principles
  • Session 4 –Building Messages and Segments
  • Session 5–Building Messages and Segments
  • Session 6–Building Messages and Segments
  • Session 7-HL7 Building Blocks (data types)
  • Session 8-Sending & Responding
  • Session 9-Conformance & Specification
  • Session 10–Integrations/Interfaces-1
  • Session 11–Integrations/Interfaces-2
  • Session 12–Integrations/Interfaces-3
  • Session 13–Integrations/Interfaces-4
  • Session 14–Hands-on
  • Session 15–Cracking the Exams
  • Session 16-HL7 V3, CDA, CCD, CCR (Birds eye on other aspects of Healthcare standards)

Session 1 – Healthcare Messaging Standards


This session will give an understanding of why messaging is used in healthcare and the goals that are achieved. The session will conclude with a view of the scope of HL7 and the concepts and Principles used in messaging.

  • Hospital Workflow
  • Purpose & Scope of HL7
  • Development of HL7
  • HL7 Domain

Sessions 2,3 –Concepts and Principles


This session gives an understanding of what HL7 is and its concepts. It introduces messaging types and trigger events and then goes into the building of HL7 messages and the elements involved in the construction. It goes into detail of the structure and the roles of each message component.

  • What HL7 is/is not
  • HL7 Concepts
  • Encoding Characters
  • Escape Sequences
  • Message Control
  • Trigger Events
  • Message Types
  • Segments/Structures
  • Fields/Tables
  • Interface Engines

Session 4,5,6–Building Messages and Segments


In this session details of messages their segments (down to the field level) will be fully discussed. Most important messages and segments shall be covered.

Session 7–HL7 Building Blocks(Data Types)


This session discusses in detail concepts of data types and all-importantdata types.

  • Data Types 1 (Alphanumeric/numeric/identifiers)
  • Data Types 2 (Demographic/coded)
  • Data Types 3 (Date-Time/miscellaneous)

Session 8-Sending & Responding


This session examines the role of acknowledgements and message responses in HL7 and introduces the use of queries and continuation messages.

  • Acknowledgements & Responses
  • Processing Rules
  • Transport protocols
  • Continuation Messages
  • Batch messaging

Session 9–Conformance & Specification


This session examines conformance in HL7 messaging and the reason for its use. Conformance profiles are examined in detail as well as the conformance tools that are available.

  • Why Conformance?
  • Conformance Profile 1 (Use case/dynamic)
  • Conformance Profile 2 (Static)
  • Conformance Tools

Session 10,11,12,13–Integrations/Interfaces


By this point of time, the resources will be well acquainted and confident with the theoretical aspects of HL7 V2.7. These sessionswill now focus completely on hands on. Each resource will be trained to dissect each message and understand each field with nothing more than their knowledge and notepad.exe. They would then be provided a real-lifescenario and trained to construct an HL7 message with notepad.exe. Following this they will be trained to receive and send these messages using freeware tools, to get an understanding of real-worldrequirements. Next, they will be trained in the use of different freeware applications that would allow them to quickly accept, read, analyse and modify/correct HL7 V2.7 messages. They would also learn to use these tools to quickly construct messages. Finally, the resources will learn how to create a conformance profile, using a popular open -source tool.

Session14 –Hands-On


During this session each student will come up with a use case and present the use case using a working prototype.

Session 15–Cracking the Exams


In this session, the resources will be taught the details of appearing for the Official HL7 V2.7 International examination. This session will provide all details of how to take the exams the format, marks and all other details required to study and succeed in the afore said exam.

Session 16-HL7 V3 RIM, CDA and FHIR(Birds eye on other aspects of Healthcare standards)


This sessionis tolook at Basicsof V3,CDA,CCD, FHIR(Tounderstand what are these and how are they used)

  • Version 3
  • CDA
  • CCD and comparison with CCR
  • FHIR
Why HL7

What You will Learn in This HL7 Certification Course Training?

  • HL7 editing tool description
  • How to register for HL7 exam?
  • Question pattern of exam?
  • Control and message construction specific
  • HL7 message data types
  • HL7 message conformance
  • 30 Hours Online Live classes
  • Real Time Case Studies
  • Every Class will be Followed by Practical Assignments
  • Lifetime Access to Class Presentations, Class Recordings & Installation Guides
  • 24x7 Online Support for Your Queries


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Rajasekhar Rao

I have taken multiple trainings from IBM IT Solutions. I am very much satisfied with the knowledge of trainer. An extremely informative way of training. Training materials were organized well and good case studies are provided with every topic.


I have attended HL7 training in IBM IT Solutions. The coordinator Mr. Shrinivas helped me a lot in all means whenever I stuck with some concepts. Thank you so much Mr. Shrinivas. I strongly recommend IBM IT Solutions who interested in Online Training.

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