Oracle SQL & PL SQL Online Training

Oracle SQL, PL-SQL Online Training


IBM IT Solutions PL SQL course lets you learn PL SQL language for writing query of Oracle database. This course helps learners to create, implement and manage database applications using Oracle database tool. Software developers, database admins, analytic professionals, BI professionals and aspirants aiming for career in PL SQL can join this course. Having a prior knowledge of SQL can be helpful for learner as there are no specific prerequisites for learning this course.

Our Oracle Online Training program will help you to understand database concept. This Oracle SQL, PL-SQL Certification Course is suitable for Software developers, database admins, analytic professionals and BI professionals.

Course Content

ORACLE 11G Course Syllabus

  1. DBMS Concepts
    • What is Database?
    • What is Database System?
    • E.F.CODD’s Rules
    • RDBMS
    • Difference Between DBMS, RDBMS
  2. SQL
    • What is SQL?
    • DDL Commands
    • Create, Alter, Drop
    • Truncate, Rename
    • DML Command – Insert
  3. SQL SELECT statements
    • Order by Clause
    • Distinct Clause
    • Where Clause
    • Operators
    • Comparison Conditions
  4. Constraints
    • Primary Key Constraint
    • Unique Constraint
    • Not Null Constraint
    • Foreign Key Constraint
    • Check Constraint
    • Cascade Constraints
  5. Joins
    • What is a Join?
    • Cartesian Join
    • Equi Join
    • Non – Equi Join
    • Self Join
    • Outer Join
    • Left Outer Join
    • Right Outer Join
    • Full Outer Join
    • Pseudo Columns
  6. Functions
    • Numeric Functions
    • Character Functions
    • Date Functions
    • Conversion Functions
    • General Functions
    • Aggregating Data Using Group Functions
  7. Sub Queries
    • Simple Sub Queries
    • Multiple Row Sub Queries
  8. Update
    1. Data Updating
    2. Updating data using Sub Queries
  9. Delete
    1. Deleting Data
    2. Deleting data using Sub Queries
    3. Deleting data using join
  10. Transaction Control Language (TCL)
    1. Commit
    2. Roll back
    3. Save point
  11. Database Objects
    1. View
    2. Synonym
    3. Sequence
    4. Index
    5. Privileges
  12. View
    1. Simple View
    2. Complex View
    3. In Line View
    4. Materialized views
  13. Synonym
    1. Private Synonym
    2. Public Synonym
  14. Privileges
    1. Grant
    2. Revoke
  1. PL/SQL
    1. Block Structure of PL/SQL
    2. Data Types, Variables & Constants
  2. Flow Control Statements
    1. Simple IF
    2. IF-THEN-ELSE Statements
    3. IF-THEN-ELSIF Statements
  3. Iterative Statements
    1. Simple Loop
    2. While Loop
    3. For Loop
  4. Attribute Data Types
    1. %type
    2. %Rowtype
  5. Cursor Management
    1. What is Cursor?
    2. Implicit Cursor
    3. Explicit Cursor
    4. Cursor with parameters
    5. Cursor with For Loop
  6. Exceptions
    1. What is an Exception?
    2. Predefined Exception
    3. User defined Exception
  7. Sub Programs
    1. Named PL/SQL Block
    2. Stored Procedures
    3. Types of Parameters
    4. Stored Function
    5. Difference between Function and Procedure
  8. Package
    1. What is package?
    2. Importance of package
  9. Triggers
    1. What is a Trigger?
    2. Row Level Trigger
    3. Table Level Trigger
    4. Instead of Trigger
    5. DML Triggers
    6. System Triggers
  10. Reference Cursors and Records.
  11. Collections---- Varray , Index by table , Nested table, Bulk collection,
  12. Dynamic SQL In PL/SQL
Why Oracle SQL, PL-SQL

What You Will Learn in This Oracle SQL, PL-SQL Online Training Course?

  • Introduction to database management
  • Manipulating data in Database Management
  • Table creation, insertion, deletion, modification
  • SQL data constraints
  • Computations list in expression lists used to select data
  • Oracle functions
  • Introduction to PL/SQL
  • Overview of PL/SQL elements
  • Exception handling
  • Object types and collections
  • Use of database triggers

What Are The Prerequisites for Learning Oracle SQL, PL-SQL ?

There are no prerequisites for learning Oracle SQL, PL-SQL Online Course.

We are best institute to provide quality Oracle SQL Online training. Learners who are not able to attend classroom trainings can join our online sessions. We are leading institute to learn Oracle online. If you are new to this database course our trainers can help you. Reach us we assure you job oriented online training.

  • 30 Hours Online Live classes
  • Real Time Case Studies
  • Every Class will be Followed by Practical Assignments
  • Lifetime Access to Class Presentations, Class Recordings & Installation Guides
  • 24x7 Online Support for Your Queries

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I am pursuing Computer Science and Engineering, IBM IT Solutions has given me a great platform to learn Oracle SQL PL SQL which helped me to improve my programming skills. Trainer has provided practical exercises to get better grip on subject.


I am from Srinidhi Enginnering College, the institute has provided us excellent training as per current industrial requirement.

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