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IBM IT Solutions Sitecore online training has been designed as per the latest Sitecore version so participant's can learn from basic to advance level of Sitecore overview (Products, Community and Portals), Sitecore Installation, Setup and Configuration. They shall have strong control over their website, ranging from blog posts, advanced personalization, e-commerce to social integrations, and much more. The course focuses on Sitecore architecture, MVC design patterns, workflows, security, and much more. This online Training also prepares you for passing the Sitecore certification exam.Student should have sound understanding of .Net principals. Basic understanding of CMS systems. A laptop with IDE and Database configured.

Course Content

1.Configuring Your Sitecore Environment

  • Set up a Sitecore instance on a development machine
  • Describe the basic development architecture of Sitecore
  • Describe the basic features of SIM and use it to install Sitecore
  • Use the default admin username and password to log in to a Sitecore instance
  • Install a Sitecore package into Sitecore
  • Define the file structure and files of a clean Sitecore instance

2.Setting Up a Multisite Project

  • Identify the core binary files of the Sitecore framework
  • Set up a Visual Studio solution and project for Sitecore development
  • Prepare the Sitecore Rocks Visual Studio plug-in and set up a connection to a Sitecore instance
  • Configure Sitecore to host multiple websites
  • Use the include folder to apply configuration patches
  • Describe how Sitecore resolves pages
  • Build multisite implementations according to recommended practices

3.Creating the Site’s Structure

  • Describe the recommended practices for the content structure in a multisite solution
  • Define a Sitecore Template with different sections and field types
  • Create Sitecore Layouts and connect them to matching views on the file system
  • Create Sitecore Standard Values and set up presentation for different devices
  • Create content items based on data templates by using Insert Options
  • Set up a multi-language website
  • List recommended practices for using dictionaries in a multi-language solution

4.Building Component-Based Sites

  • Name the different types of MVC renderings
  • Define the difference between static and dynamic binding
  • Use presentation details to add components in the Experience Editor
  • Describe placeholders and placeholder definition items
  • Set up allowed controls on a placeholder definition item

5.Increasing Component Reusability

  • Configure compatible renderings on a component definition item
  • Describe how to limit content choices in the data source selection window
  • Describe how component properties can be maintained by content authors
  • Create a rendering parameters template for a component
  • Read component properties and use the specified value in the component’s output
  • Describe what to do when you cache components

6.Applying Navigation Practices within the Site

  • Create a navigation component
  • Explain how Sitecore renders links and how they can be controlled
  • Use the Sitecore API to navigate the tree

7.Working with Complex Field Types and Item Sorting

  • Use different field types and define which fields can be edited in Experience Editor
  • Render field values by using the Sitecore API
  • Retrieve an item’s child items and apply custom sorting
  • Implement an edit frame
  • Use the field editor buttons
  • Make all fields editable in the Experience Editor

8.Tracking and Interacting with Site Visitors

  • Create user-generated content in Sitecore
  • Describe why content should be created only in the Master database
  • Invoke the Sitecore.Services.Client API
  • Handle submissions from multiple forms on one page

9.Working with Adaptive Personalization

  • Use the Rules Set Editor to deliver individual experiences to your customer
  • Segment content by using profiles and profile keys
  • Describe a Sitecore contact
  • Describe how to extend a Sitecore contact by implementing custom facets

10.Implementing Search-driven Components

  • List the available search providers that Sitecore offers
  • Describe the differences between these search providers
  • Configure a custom index
  • Optimize indexing performance by changing indexed fields and templates
  • Create a search-driven component
  • Compile dynamic LINQ queries
  • Define item buckets in Sitecore

11.Driving Robust Development

  • List the advantages of unit testing
  • Unit test the parts of the API that you will be working with
  • Create build scripts
  • Deploy your Sitecore solution

12.Exploring Security and Workflow

  • Create users and roles in Sitecore.htm
  • Apply security on Sitecore items for editing purposes.htm
  • Describe how Sitecore handles conflicting security rights.htm
  • Build and configure Sitecore workflows.htm
  • Connect a workflow to a template.htm

Trainer Profile: Ayush is having over 6 years and 8+ project experience on Sitecore CMS based websites. He has been leading and supporting many projects simultaneous on Sitecore. He has conducted Sitecore CMS training on all modules such as Sitecore CMS, Marketing Controls, Experience Analytics, EXM, Administration and Content Authoring for business. Experience of 2 corporate training's and 20+ personal training's. You will be guided by him on basics and conceptual understanding, best industry standards, setup, labs and real time project.

Why Sitecore
  • 25 Hours Online Live classes
  • Real Time Case Studies
  • Every Class will be Followed by Practical Assignments
  • Lifetime Access to Class Presentations, Class Recordings & Installation Guides
  • 24x7 Online Support for Your Queries
Prerequisites to Learn Sitecore

    The following are the prerequisites for learning Sitecore.

  • Web development.
  • MVC Architecture.
  • C#, XML, HTML,, and other programming languages.

Live Online Training

  • Live Functional and practical real-time demos
  • Schedule your sessions at your prefered timings
  • Instructor led training with practical lab sessions
  • Real time projects and certification guidance
  • 24x7 Online Support for Your Queries

Corporate Training

  • Choose the best mode of training that suits your convenience, time, and budget from Self-Paced, Live Instructor-led Online, or Classroom modes
  • Engage in complete practical demonstration, discussions,and exercises based on real time use cases
  • Make a schedule that is convenient as per your work schedule and time zone
  • Gain industry insights during the training delivered by industry experts
  • Customize the course scope as per your project requirements

Job Support

    Our IT Job Support task is to improve the skills of IT beginners and meet complex real-time project requirements. IBM IT Solutions supports and offers job support services in over 450 IT courses. If one of them is difficult to survive due to lack of technical possibilities, or have a new project for them, highlight the assigned work and write to us. We present our most skilled IT consultants to guide you through the best results in your work and deliver your deliverables.

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Suresh Babu

I got more real time knowledge about how sitecore works. I am very thankful to coordinator Mr.Shrinivas for helping me to join this course. The course is worth for money spent.


IBM IT Solutions is a good place to learn sitecore. The team will pay personal attention to everyone. I have learnt so much over duration of course. The tutor is very helpful and supportive. Thanks to everyone at institute.

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